Top Five Motivational Sales Speeches [NSFW]

These are my top five speeches about making money/sales. Feel free to comment if you disagree but these are the five sales speeches that make me feel inspired to stop being lazy and make it happen (it being money). I say NSFW due to the use of bad language, not nudity.

Boiler Room - Group Interview

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If you can watch this without being inspired in some way, you might be dead inside. I've seen this clip more than fifty times and I'm still not tired of it. You should watch this at least once a week to remind yourself why you're in this game.

Glengary Glen Ross - Always Be Closing

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I hadn't seen this until today when my brother in law showed me. What's good about this is that it shows what it takes to shake people out of their comfort zone and that's what it takes to make someone a closer. If you aren't closing, you're fired.

Wall Street - Greed Is Good

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I couldn't make a top five list like this without including Gordon Gekko's speech in Wall Street. It's a way to remind ourselves that what we're doing is for the benefit of man kind. 😉 Greed makes the world go 'round.

Boiler Room - Telemarketing Pitch

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Pay close attention to this one. This one makes me think of the myriad of cheesy landing pages out there. People just aren't trying and it's the biggest reason you hear complaints from people. "I can't make sales." Then you get the complaints on the other side from people having to wade through all the spammy sales pitch pages. Do yourself a favor and actually SELL your audience. Go the extra mile to have them choose you over the next guy.

Jerry Maguire - Show Me The Money

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It's simple: "Show me the money." Enough said.

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