March 2008 Recap

Hey boys and girls, the numbers are in for last month and they are looking delicious.

For a grand total of $189.61!

Looks like I can quit my job and buy a mansion. No, but seriously .. this month has been a good one despite the recent sparsity of posts. One thing you'll notice is that we more than tripled last month's total -- AGAIN. That's right, baby.

This just goes to show -- if you stay dedicated and push through the low times, your work can start to pay off. Also, it shows that John Chow is right when he says you don't necessarily need a ton of traffic to increase revenue, you just need to monetize the traffic you already have.

And here's the graph you've grown to love-

FusionCharts Graph



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February 2008 Recap

I hope you didn't think I forgot about my favorite time of the month -- recap time. As if I would let the monthly status update go by.

This month was definitely a good one for me personally. I learned a lot that I will be sharing with you in March, but for now, let's go over the blog stats:

For a grand total of $62.55!

The blog income almost more than tripled this month. Not to mention we had a total of 8,646 page views from 3,993 unique visitors. Also, the site is currently ranked at 117,407 on Alexa and has 267 RSS Subscribers. Having started the blog three months ago, I really can't complain. I'm just thrilled that I can help people for free and profit at the same time.

Oh hey, and just for you visual learners, I made up a comparison graph for the last three months:

12/07-02/08 FusionCharts Graph

So as far as February 2008 is concerned, I'm a happy camper. I do know that in March 2008, I'll have to work even harder to push the envelope for this blog. The better the blog gets, the happier you are and the happier you are, the happier I am.

Blog Goals for March 2008:

  • $100+ Income
  • 100,000 or lower Alexa Rank
  • 400 RSS Subscribers
  • 8,000 Unique Visitors
  • 15,000 Page Views

So based on this month's stats, the blog made $0.015 per unique visitor. Taking that into account for next month's goals, the blog should make around $120. >:) If that ever happens, I suppose I should put ATB on a faster server. Right now, HostGator is great for the money. I mean, I pay $50/month for a ton of space and bandwidth that's hard to beat. But in the end, it's still a shared server environment, so I have to keep that in mind.

All that aside, February was a great month (with an extra day! thanks leap year.) and I hope March is even better. I plan to do a few remarkable things this month to help you guys out, so stay tuned.

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January 2008 Recap

Whew! What a month. It's still not even 10pm here but I felt it was safe to wrap the month up and deliver the new stats. I feel it gives other people hope that this blogging thing really works, but also that the whole helping others thing really works because that's what I'm really trying to do (while getting a few referrals here and there, of course).

With the new layout and a decent amount of new visitors who have become loyal readers, the site has begun to really flourish. Here are this month's stats for the site:

  • Google AdSense - $11.25
  • Aweber Signups - $7.98
  • Amazon Book Commission - $0.66

For a grand total of $19.89! Which, I might add, is $7.37 more than last month. That might not sound like much, but it's a 59% jump from last month's revenue. Not bad at all if you ask me. That's 40% of the hosting bill. 😀

Additionally, we were able to launch the forums test this month and we had a fantastic RSS contest that will end tonight at midnight (more on that later). Our RSS subscriber base jumped up to around 200 as a result and that's not bad at all. Not to mention - we are fast approaching the sub-100k Alexa rank, which is extremely cool all by itself.

So that should about do it. Thanks for supporting the site and I hope you keep coming back for more in February!



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December Recap

Happy New Year 2008Happy new year!

It's officially 2008 and it's time for a recap of our first official month as a blog. As you probably know by now, the basic idea behind this blog is to help affiliates to make their first dollar and then to hold their hand until they can walk on their own. So why not post about those people once they've cut their proverbial teeth on money making?

Although there aren't any super success stories yet, there are several people this blog has helped to earn their first buckaroo and therefore, I am making it resolution #1 for this blog to do an occasional post on success stories (stories where The Affiliate Toolbox has helped people to get where they are).

What good would the success of others be if The Affiliate Toolbox itself didn't earn some cash on the way? That's why, in the fashion of John Chow, I will post monthly updates on the previous month's earnings. That's resolution #2 for this year. You'll be able to check up on them in the Recap category. For now, here are the stats for December '07:

... for a grand total of $12.52.

It won't seal my retirement, but it's not bad for a site that is austere in its presentation of advertising. If not inspiring, it is evidence of how you can go from zilch to paying for your own server fees inside of a month.

We'll see how January fairs.

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