RSS Contest Coming To A Close Tonight

As you may know, tonight is the last night for the $100 RSS Contest and it's done pretty well! We've gotten an extra 60 subscribers out of it and that ain't bad.

Of course, if you haven't subscribed yet, there's still time! At midnight tonight, I'm going to check the list and choose the five winners and it will be officially over. As stated in the original post on the contest, I'll be e-mailing each winner to ask them where they want their money PayPal-ed to.

My only hope is that all the awesome people that signed up for the contest, don't suddenly just disappear the next day. We have some great information here for making money online (or so I've been told ;)). And it will only get better as we go on as our members start commenting more and giving more feedback.

Plus, we've got the great forum now. I'm happy with the way it's started to take off a bit. I won't get my hopes up but people seem to be liking it. It should turn into a good thing.

Anyway, as for those who have entered the contest already, I wish you luck.

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$100 RSS Contest

In the last post, I talked about goals for the coming year. So I thought, why not knock a few out right off the bat? Let's make things interesting.

I posted the contest on DigitalPoint here.

Essentially, the only rule is that you must subscribe to the Feedburner Email Feed (On the right, under the Orange icon). Simply subscribing to the RSS feed itself isn't enough to qualify; you must submit your e-mail! Make sure you submit an e-mail address you actually use as you will be notified at the e-mail when you win. Oh, yeah, not to mention -- that's the e-mail payment will be sent to. :)

On February 1st, 2008, five emails will be selected at random from the entrants and each will receive $20.00. Not bad for just submitting your e-mail, huh?

I'll keep you posted on the progress. So far, we have about 18 people who've signed up.

Good luck!

P.S. If you're still confused on where to sign up, look here:

RSS Email Subscribe

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