Dear AzoogleAds

Dear AzoogleAds,

You are a sexy network with brains to boot, but lately I've been craving something more. You see, while your affiliate managers, lead tracking and offers in general are second to none, there is something that is lacking: your interface.

I know, I know ... I said you were perfect just the way you are and asked you to never change, but I lied. I was just trying to get into your pants ... offers. Now that we've grown closer, I feel we can be more honest with each other. So here it is.

For starters, let's talk about your offer interface. I can sort by everything I don't care about, but what about the things I do care about?

AzoogleAds - Not Sortable

Look, if I'm mistaken, I'll gladly apologize but I don't think I'm out of line asking for three measly sorts on the things that matter most to me.

Next? Reports. You have so many amazing reports but to see them, I have to wait until they show up in my email-

Sub By Day Report

And what about your beautiful Toolbar? Once you started giving me the money, I was able to buy a fancy new Mac. Look at where that got me:

No Macs Allowed?

Requirements? Windows XP? Where's the love?

Look, no one is perfect. Not me. Not you. But let's get past this little bump. Relationships are about compromise. I'm ready, are you?

Sincerely yours,


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Azoogle Is Suck To Me

Azoogle is suck to me - Borat

Oh man. Some people just make being alive golden.

Please take a moment to view this thread on DigitalPoint and recognize the hilariousness that is the language gap.

Apparently, someone thought they were alone when Azoogle didn't respond to them within 24 hours and decided to post on DP about it-

Azoogle is suck to me

I'd tried to apply for their program, the female represent called me, Ask me blah blah blah.... and told me they will let me know if I got approved or not in 24 hours but It'd been almost a week, I didn't get a shit from them.

I don't give a shit, since I have too many affiliate network already. CJ is the best for me I think.

Funny by itself, but the real hilarity began when people started taking the title and catch-phrasing it on photos. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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