BANS Fans For The Holidays

Build A Niche Store on eBayBANS (Build a Niche Store) is the hot phrase this season and with good reason. Shoemoney not only mentions it in his blog, but my affiliate manager gave a distinct nudge in the direction as well. And it's all good for those that know how to make them work and profitable. So what's the problem?

The problem is that 9/10 affiliates aren't going to know what the hell they're doing when it comes to properly marketing a niche store, because most affiliates are the n00bs just getting their foot in the door. In truth, this season will make or break a lot of affiliates for the year to come.

Reason being, people are sheep in general, and like to follow success. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, except that they're picking up the scraps and can't see the direction that successful person is headed in (trying to keep the analogy going here). But seriously, without the right knowledge, people will dump money on one of these bad boys without knowing what to do and they'll essentially waste money trying to get a slice of the holiday surge.

Even worse are the people that like to try everything they come across for ten minutes and then give up once they lose a few dollars. You know who you are. BANS are like any other affiliate marketing venture in that they should be approached with care, planning, a reasonable budget and goals. Aside from corner cases, most people that follow this pattern will end up in that dreaded nine-to-five job again.. or they'll never leave it. :(

Of course, if you're sitting in my position, you could put a different spin on it: the more affiliates that try and fail this season, the less competition for me! :)

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