Incentaclick (CX Digital) Scrubbing Leads?

After talking with my buddy Will today, I was shocked to find out that he has alarming proof that Incentaclick was scrubbing leads shaving sales. If you weren't privvy to the commotion yesterday on WickedFire, check out his post here-

CX Digital... Massive Fraud?

It's a well known fact that affiliate networks scrub some leads here and there and as mysterious as their reasons seem, it's usually something logical (someone signed up twice, tracking was down temporarily, etc.).

But it's only when you can compare the same offer on another network (Will has now switched the same offer to eAdvertising) that you begin to see where lead scrubbing goes from slightly annoying to down-right damaging financially. And what's worse, CX Digital's own CEO apparently called Will and tried to smooth things over. Of course, Will blew him off stating something to the effect of "I said my piece. Read the forum post. I don't want to talk to you." and hung up.

And this isn't the first time people have reported being ripped off by CX Digital. Numerous other people responded to the thread with similar stories and it's certainly not the first thread on this topic.

To me, it's a huge red flag when the top dog of the company individually calls its affiliates to smooth things over when the company is obviously at fault. Sure, it would be great if my Gmail account got disabled and Eric Schmidt gave me a ring. But that's one thing, and this is definitely another.

So, CX Digital, what gives? Isn't it bad enough that we have trust issues with affiliate networks already? In order for our relationship to function properly, I have to be able to trust you to properly track sales, leads, and to not screw me out of money that is owed to me. Without that, I have to have faith that you'll just ... get around to it.

Well, I don't know about you fine readers, but I don't have that kind of time. This is pretty bad. I don't think I'll be using Incentaclick anytime soon. How about you?

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Offer Vault: Compare Offers .. and Free!

Offer Vault

As of this morning, I received an email from the people at Affiliate Radar, announcing that Offer Vault is now free. Yeah, that's right. You can now cross-compare offers from multiple affiliate networks for free.

Here's the email they sent out:

Dear Scott Weaver,

After much heated debate between my partner, Raakesh, and I, we have
decided to allow free access to OfferVault.

In case you are not aware, OfferVault is a research tool for
affiliate marketers that contains a database of over 10,000 offers
from the top CPA and affiliate networks, updated daily.

You can sign-up at

With this powerful tool you can:

Compare offers and payouts between networks

Research niches

Receive optional email alerts based on your own search criteria to
stay on top of new offers as they come out

Preview landing pages (this is huge!)

Quickly sign up for new networks

This tool was formerly available only as a component of our paid
membership site, Affiliate Radar. Now you have the opportunity to
access it free at, so don't pass it up!

Get your free membership now at

What does that mean for you? It means you no longer have to log into each different network to see where the highest payout is. What it also means is that yet again, I've increased your profit margin. But hey, that's what I'm here for.

Now you can see what networks are offering before you even bother signing up. Apparently, all that OfferVault is asking in return is that, much like on my blog, you sign up using their referral links to new networks you join.

Just this morning, I've found several higher paying offers than the ones I'm currently running and those are the default prices. Not even the negotiated prices.

If you're worried about a product monopoly (even though it's free), don't worry. I'm aware of another site that is whispered to have a similar product coming out soon.

For now, Offer Vault takes the cake as the cat's pajamas. Incidentally, if you want to go right to registration, click here.

You're welcome.

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Get Started With CX Digital (Incentaclick)

Any affiliate marketer worth his (or her) salt knows that you have to run your affiliate marketing business LIKE A BUSINESS, and as such, you should do whatever you can to increase your overall revenue and even moreso, your profit margin. One thing you'll notice as you snuggle up to your affiliate managers is that they start to put pressure where they know it will hurt if you don't give in. If you are a push-over, they will take advantage. Rightly so, as they are extremely helpful in finding you great offers and getting you paid when you need to in order to grow your business and they are very aware of that fact. They are where they are, after all, for the same reason you are -- to make money.

Don't Get Screwed

With that in mind, you should know that it's good to be tight with your affiliate managers, but never to the point where it compromises your bottom line. That's why, as a general rule, you should always price shop for every offer you come across. Put simply, you should ask EACH affiliate manager you have what price they can give you and let other affiliate managers know, just so they have the opportunity for the business. Of course, there are some managers that won't play ball, but most will. It's just like buying a car -- you want the most bang without paying too much. Just remember, don't shit where you eat. Don't ever back stab your AM's and they will be good to you.

Incent-a-Click For The Win


Firday, I was price shopping for a particular offer, and I happened to be reading UberAffiliate's post on CX Digital (formerly Incentaclick). So I decided to sign up and see what all the hubbub was over and I was happily surprised. Within the hour, I was given a confirmation call and not long after that, my new affiliate manager gave me a ring. All things considered, I was up and running within a couple of hours. I consider that a great turnaround.

Incentaclick Rewards

So check this out, not only do they have the nice 2% referral program that pays monthly, they also have a decent rewards program they call their Loyalty Program. Their loyalty program basically gives you a point for each dollar you earn and depending on how many points you earn, you qualify for certain tiers that will give you reward options. The tiers are as follows:

  1. Level One - (15,000 - 37,499 points) - When you reach this level, you can get moderately cool things like a Nintendo Gamecube or a $100 Gift Card to Amazon or Star Bucks.
  2. Level Two - (37,500 - 74,999 points) - At level two, the prizes take a step up. You can get things like a PSP or an Acer 19" LCD Monitor.
  3. Level Three - (75,000 - 149,999 points) - Level three gives you even cooler selections - Get a PS3, an XBOX 360 or a Weber Grill.
  4. Level Four - (150,000 - 299,999 points) - This is where it starts to get interesting. Choose from things like a MacBook, a Toshiba Laptop or a JVC 32" Flat Panel LCD TV.
  5. Level Five - (300,000+) - Get a 50" plasma, or a Bose Home Entertainment system, or a Panasonic Home Theater Proejctor.

Or, for any of the levels you reach, you can ask for objects of equal value. In other words, these guys are really cool. You get prizes for earning what you would otherwise earn elsewhere, but they obviously want you to do it with CX Digital.


One thing that usually bugs me about affiliate sites is that they're slow to update their statistics. I value statistics that are at least updated every five minutes, but what I've noticed about CX Digital is that their stats are updated LIVE (or as close to live as possible). This is an incredible feature that I won't soon take for granted. I honestly hope they never get rid of this feature, whatever they do. They allow filtering on SubID's as well as several other options, like date and offer.

Charts & Graphs

Incentaclick Revenue Chart

This is a really cool feature that I wish more affiliate-based services would take advantage of. This is just one of two graphs they offer and this alone is awesome to see. It helps put things into perspective for you. I love this feature and I think overall, it speaks for itself. The screen cap is a picture of the offer I'm running with them and so far, I'm happy with the results.


CX Digital doesn't yet have tons of offers but they do have just enough to get you started and perhaps that's the beauty of the service. You can jump on the bandwagon before it gets a bit too saturated and I recommend that you do.

Payout Terms

Another strong point to CX Digital is its payout terms. They start out at biweekly (once every two weeks) and can be arranged differently from there, depending on what you and your affiliate manager agree on. I was told you I to do around $500-600/day in order to qualify for weekly payments, so it's not such a big deal. Based on my revenue so far (as you can see in the screen cap from the last three days), it won't be a problem with just one offer.


All in all, my experience with CX Digital has been nothing short of great so far. I like my affiliate manager and all the features I mention above are a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend them and if you're interested in trying them, please feel free to sign up through my referral link (here).

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