Offer Vault: Compare Offers .. and Free!

Offer Vault

As of this morning, I received an email from the people at Affiliate Radar, announcing that Offer Vault is now free. Yeah, that's right. You can now cross-compare offers from multiple affiliate networks for free.

Here's the email they sent out:

Dear Scott Weaver,

After much heated debate between my partner, Raakesh, and I, we have
decided to allow free access to OfferVault.

In case you are not aware, OfferVault is a research tool for
affiliate marketers that contains a database of over 10,000 offers
from the top CPA and affiliate networks, updated daily.

You can sign-up at

With this powerful tool you can:

Compare offers and payouts between networks

Research niches

Receive optional email alerts based on your own search criteria to
stay on top of new offers as they come out

Preview landing pages (this is huge!)

Quickly sign up for new networks

This tool was formerly available only as a component of our paid
membership site, Affiliate Radar. Now you have the opportunity to
access it free at, so don't pass it up!

Get your free membership now at

What does that mean for you? It means you no longer have to log into each different network to see where the highest payout is. What it also means is that yet again, I've increased your profit margin. But hey, that's what I'm here for.

Now you can see what networks are offering before you even bother signing up. Apparently, all that OfferVault is asking in return is that, much like on my blog, you sign up using their referral links to new networks you join.

Just this morning, I've found several higher paying offers than the ones I'm currently running and those are the default prices. Not even the negotiated prices.

If you're worried about a product monopoly (even though it's free), don't worry. I'm aware of another site that is whispered to have a similar product coming out soon.

For now, Offer Vault takes the cake as the cat's pajamas. Incidentally, if you want to go right to registration, click here.

You're welcome.

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Affiliates, Refer To Be Rich

Despite the cheesy title, I am dead serious about this. What I'm talking about is doing your best on a daily basis to refer new people to affiliate networks and giving them a hand at getting started.

Your immediate thought might be that this is just creating competition for yourself and in a way, you're completely right. But the flip-side to that is if you successfully create a worthy opponent for yourself from someone you referred, you will earn around 2% for that person's sales whether they profit or not (as long as they stay on that network).

The idea is to refer someone to several big networks and hopefully create a few super affiliates. Just imagine if you referred one or two super affiliates who did $15k to $30k per day.

Now I was able to sit for a while with my phone today, so I was wondering just how much it would take to live comfortably off of other people's success based on a 2% referral base. Using $6,000.00 as a baseline for what most younger people would consider a good replacement for a job, you can divide that amount by .02 and you come up with $300,000.00 (per month).

While this might sound like a large number, it works out to around $9900/day in sales and depending on how many decent affiliates you refer, that's not completely impossible to do. I know I sound like a referral program in action, but if you were to refer just five decent affiliates within a year's time, they'd each have to do around $2000/day in sales for you to earn $72k/year without lifting a finger. Or ten affiliates doing $1000/day would suffice, or twenty doing $500/day ... you get the picture. Did I mention you get paid whether or not they profit? That's right, they lose money, you still make money.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a true auto-pilot income. You literally do not have to do anything but continue referring people (if you want) to increase your monthly income. Networks like Azoogle, Neverblue, Copeac, etc. will do direct deposit straight into your account, so you don't even have to deposit any checks.

Affiliate marketing itself still requires plenty of work and should be run like a business, if done properly. That means long hours and continuous monitoring and adjustment to keep it working right. While you might make a ton of money doing it, it's still a risky business that is definitely far from auto-pilot (other than the fact that your ads will run 24x7).

All I'm saying is-- what makes more sense in the long run? You working your ass off for a year to make $75k profit or you working your ass off for six months referring people to make $75k profit?


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Need To Get A Hold Of An Affiliate Manager?

Just a quick note, for those of you who want to get in touch with an affiliate manager at any popular affiliate marketing company, check out the Affiliate AIM List ( My Azoogle affiliate manager is listed on there along with some of the other best in the industry.

Incidentally, you can also view the Skype list, which as you might guess, lists all the affiliate managers who use Skype.

I've noticed a lot of people asking how to get ahold of someone at X company as they are trying to get approved. Well people, here's your chance.

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How Much Should You Bid?

When setting your max bid price on ad networks like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter, it's best to know how much you're getting in return (profit) before you settle on a number. If you bid too high, you might get more sales but still be in the red. If you bid too low, you might make an okay profit but less conversions. The trick is to find just the right number and that takes time and finesse but here's a quick way to determine what your max bid should be.

In general, the formula I use for determining max bid is basically this:

((ecpc * (1 - bounce rate)) - 0.01)

So if your ecpc is $0.75 and your bounce rate is 40%, that means you really generate $0.45 ecpc. Subtract $0.01 from that ($0.44 ecpc) and you'll have a very safe maximum to set your keyword bids at. (more…)

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Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing programs (where you share revenue with affiliate networks while promoting their partner websites) are a great way to make extra money and crucial business connections in the Internet business world.

A common scenario with affiliate programs is early success, followed by a bust. There are always unpredictable scenarios that can occur, even though you have been participating successfully in an affiliate program for what seems like forever.

While there are a great deal of positives involved with running an affiliate business from the comfort of your own home, there can also be problems for someone who is less experienced. Luckily, this article will point you in the right direction to avoid such pitfalls.


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