Hello, my name is Scott. By day, I work as a web application developer. By night, I am an affiliate marketer and I'm pretty decent at it. Because of that fact, a lot of people ask me questions and because I am pretty generous with the information, I don't mind giving the answers.

But instead of helping a few people here and there with answers to those questions, I was inspired to create this blog to help thousands of people get started with affiliate marketing.

All I ask in return for helping others is that they sign up using my referral links on the various CPA Networks. I know it's bold, but it seems fair to me. Other than that and a few minor perks, my motivation is completely altruistic.

You can contact me on Google Talk if I'm available.

If you would like to request posts on specific topics in the area of Affiliate Marketing, just let me know. I'm open to suggestions!