Getting Back into the Game

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I posted, I realize. As you probably imagined, I've been focusing on other things -- life, for example. Work, mainly. But just recently, I've had the chance to check up on my old flames. And by flames, of course, I mean my aging domains that I'm not doing anything with -- the ones I've decided to hold on to, anyway.

Checking up on my AdSense earnings the other day, I found out one of my sites was still earning money from the occasional click, even though I hadn't touched the site in literally years. That sparked my interest, because I thought of what that kind of site could do if I actually put effort into it.

Play it Again, Carl
The time for learning to play piano is meow.

As it turned out, the site was Piano By Heart and it's been silently ranking for all kinds of fun keywords behind my back! The nerve.

So being that the site was initially ported over to Drupal from a general static implementation, I thought it wise to move everything over to WordPress and get rid of the crappy marketing angle. Instead, I plan on making this site a full-fledged information site -- something actually useful to people (crazy idea for someone keen on Internet Marketing in general, right?).

I've already made an outline of posts that I'll be filling out this month. Luckily, my daughter has been learning to play piano for the past few years, so I have plenty of material to go off of. I figure if I can put out a couple posts per week, I'll do just fine with this site. I'm monetizing it with some out-of-the-way ads (AdSense up top and in the footer, some ClickBank ads in the sidebar) because I really would like to make this site into something useful -- a methodology I've planned on following after being burned by the Big G so many times in the past for grey hat activities.

Basically, I'm trying to focus on the kind of thing Matt Cutts would praise -- writing quality content for my readers, not for search engines. I'm still making sure things are in place for SEO, but Google and the other search giants are no longer my focus.

I just want to help people and get paid (at some point) in return.

I'll try to remember to come back and update you all on the way it's going, but I just wanted to let people know I've got the bug again. And I intend on staying bitten for a while.

It's good to be back!

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