Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Has anyone said something so obvious to you that you'd just overlooked and took for granted? Every chapter in Outliers felt that way for me, and in a good way. The stories of success from people like Bill Gates to Gladwell himself are quite obviously not just stories of amazing genius just by themselves. In our world, success is smarts, persistence and who you know.

In the book, Gladwell points out that you've heard of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and even the CEO of Google but do you know the name of the smartest man in the world? Not many people do and that's because genius alone does not make someone a true success.

The stories alone are worth reading, so I won't ruin those for you but I will say this: I'm giving this out to several people this Christmas as a gift because I think the book is just that good. If nothing else, it's an amazing look at how people can use their situations to their advantage and tip fate to their advantage.

Here's a recent interview of Gladwell on the book-

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