First and foremost, this isn't any kind of incentivized promotion for the Prosper202 team. Although Wes and Steve are great guys, I wanted to let people know I'm doing this for my own greedy reasons.

This post is for anyone who has never tried Tracking202 or anyone who has kinda-sorta tried it but gave up on it early on. A while back, I fit snugly into the latter category. Sure, I tested it out to give you guys a proper review but I didn't stick with it because I was perfectly happy with my crappy little scripts I'd built to do something similar (or what I thought was similar).

This time around, I installed it on one of my domains and I've been testing it out on my less successful campaigns -- those that I just can't get an edge on. What's amazing is that I'm able to tweak them properly because I get visual feedback and lots of it. Once I get a handle on those campaigns, I'll start doing to the tedious work of moving my bigger campaigns over to make them even more profitable.

Now besides being free, Tracking202 is awesome for several other key reasons: spy mode, graphs, automatic post-back/pixel updates, secure tracking ids and instant reporting. At least, these are the features I care about.

Spy mode is where I'm sure most people spend their time. It's where you get to see clicks and leads happening live which, by itself, is worth a ton of money. Sure, you can see the trends on your reports but when you actually get a feel for when leads occur and from which keywords cause leads to happen, you can instantly see the value-add. Even better than spy mode alone is its ability to filter by numerous properties: campaign, keyword, ad, etc.

Graphs are another great feature and another great way to view the same data. I won't go into detail here as they're pretty much self-explanatory, but suffice it to say that it's extremely helpful.

The automatic post-back/pixel updates are somewhat difficult to get working properly, but once you do, it's highly enjoyable to watch via the spy view. You can watch clicks happening in real time, sure but until you see your leads converting in real time, you haven't lived. If you aren't sure how post-backs/pixels work, essentially they tell you when leads convert. Sometimes they're instant but most of the time, there's a 5-10 minute delay. In any case, they make it so you don't have to do as much work in tracking your leads.

Secure tracking identifiers are a fancy way of describing Tracking202's numbering system for SubID tracking. Each click gets its own unique ID and that's what the tracking system uses as the SubID on your affiliate links. Simple, yet effective. This way, no one will steal the keywords you're using to generate leads. Not easily, anyway.

Instant reporting is Tracking202's ability to show you at any time what your profit is and compare it to past data. This is an obvious feature that you'd expect such a suite to have but I wanted to note that the Prosper202 people did it well.

I'd also like to note that when I've had ideas or noticed anything I thought was buggy, the guys have instantly responded to say either "yeah, that's already on our list" or "hey, you're an idiot. it's right here." That's the kind of customer support I need and they give on a consistent basis.

So great job, guys. Sorry I didn't check it out further before, but you've already saved me hundreds. If I'd been using you when I started, I would've saved tens of thousands.

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