Coming This Friday – My New Ebook

This Friday -- March 8th, 2008 -- I'm going to release my latest creation as a dessert item on the blog.  It's my guide to getting started with affiliate marketing and it will be FREE.

I started writing the guide when I realized people were coming to the blog and asking the same questions I created the blog to answer! So the e-book will be an introduction to affiliate marketing, featuring some of the posts you'd find here, as well as a sort of introduction to this blog and all it has to offer.

As always, my intention is to put out information for free that you'd normally have to pay for. This e-book will be no exception to the rule. Just like I normally do, I'm just going to put my referral links in the book and hope people enjoy it enough to pass it along and I'll consider that payment enough.

So definitely keep an eye out. For all those getting started with affiliate marketing, this should give you a decent advantage in the game. I'm writing it just like I like to read things.

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